If it sticks, but should slide, use Glide.
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About Us
Glide was started in 1998, manufactured and successfully sold lubricant 
products on QVC & to a range of industrial buyers, retailers and consumers.

Glide is unique in that its lubricants provide superior performance with 
important added benefits of safety for people & the environment,contains 
no VOC's & is a biodegradable lubricant. Glide is EPA compliant, safe for 
incidental contact with food. Glide contains No Silicone.
Glide is on                   with Kevin Harrington from shark tank! 
Industrial Use                              Safe Around Children & Pets                                  Non-Conductive

Industrial strength lubricating, penetrating and protecting solution but safe for use around the home, food, pets and children.
Safety is important to you and us.
Glide is formulated with a high    flash point more than 240F.
Glide is non-toxic and earth friendly.
Glide emits no harmful vapors.
Glide is safe around the workplace!
        Glide now being sold at          VON ROHR EQUIPMENT CORP.