Automotive and Motorcycles
Use Glide to dry wet ignitions. Glide displaces moisture and 
Glide's non-conductive formula will not short-circuit electrical connections. Glide protects battery terminals and electrical 
equipment from corrosion. Glide contains No Silicone.       
Glide lasts 3 to 5 times longer than leading brands.

Glide has no static charge won't attract dust to electronics   and fine mechanisms. Glide is EPA compliant.

• Repels Dust
• Protects Surfaces
• Fights Corrosion
• Odorless
• Loosens Rusted  
Glide is excellent for electrical car technology.

As seen on QVC and HSN
Glide is excellent 
on battery terminals.

Glide is also an excellent assembly and set-up lubricant.
Glide won't stain painted surfaces.

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