Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Schools
Keep your hospitals, nursing homes and schools safe. Keep patients, 
residents and students from ingesting harmful ingredients which are 
not environmentally safe. Glide is EPA compliant.Glide is one of the safest and most effective lubricants. Glide is safe enough for use around food. 

Safety is important to you and us
Glide is formulated with a high
flash point, more than 240°F.
Glide works great on lockers!
Glide emits no harmful vapors
Glide is safe around the workplace
Glide has no VOC's

  As seen on QVC and HSN
Glide will be on                  with Kevin Harrington from shark tank! 
Glide is safe on rehap equipment.
Glide contains No Silicone.
        Glide now being sold at            VON ROHR EQUIPMENT CORP.