Household Uses
Glide is safe in kitchens, or where ever food is prepared. Removes splattered grease on stoves. Glide is virtually odorless; there are no toxic fumes.

Yard Work
Doors, Locks and Keys

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Glide works great on garden  equipment. Glide loosens rusted parts and mechanisms. Slides dirt from shovels,spading forks,hoes & garden trowels. Prevents flowers pots from sticking when stacked.
Glide is ideal for sensitive electronics    it's dielectric formula is non conductive  and non-static. Lubricates and stops squeaks in electric fans.
  • Glide cleans paint and scuff marks from  tile floors. Safe on wood.
  • Removes stains from stainless sinks, cleans water marks, fingerprints and    stubborn marks on appliances.
  • Removes gum from hair and carpets. 
  • Frees stuck LEGO's.
  • Removes glue residue from price tags, duct tape and stickers.
  • Loosens zippers.
  • Keeps scissors working smoothly.
  • Rids kids rocking chairs, cribs and     swings of  squeaky noises.
  • Lubricates tracks on sticking windows  and makes them easier to open.
  • Removes dirt and grime from    outdoor grills. Protects surfaces.

Glide works great on locks and keys. Lubricates garage doors and protects 
metal, plastic, wood, nylon and rubber. Protects and lubricates door hinges
and stops squeaking doors.

Glide is non-toxic, meets Government requirements for use            around food. Glide meets strict FDA and EPA requirements            for use around food. Glide contains No Silicone.
Glide removes tarnish from 
silver objects. With not harm 
silver or silver plated objects. 
Glide is non abrastive!
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As seen on QVC and HSN
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