Testimonials Testimonials

" I own Stanton TV we repair TV's,Vacuum Cleaners,Sewing Machines           and much more. We use Glide on all of our household appliances. It works great on all stuck parts, Glide helps keep them moving smoothly. Glide has no odor, it has replaced all of our lubricants. Go Green!
Bill P. 
Elmsford,  NY
" I cannot say enough good things about this product. As an owner of a motorcycle  
  and boat, Glide is indispensable in keeping both of these hobbies in line. Even more 
  important, I know that the product is environmentally safe around my family and friends  
  when they wish to enjoy these hobbies with me. There isn't a day that goes by where I  
  do not find a use for Glide in my home, car, and many other aspects in my life.I highly  
  recommend this indispensable product. Thanks Glide! " 
   Michael R.
   White Plains, NY
" You can't go wrong with Glide! It worked great on   
   my bike and degreased my dirty chain."
    Ronnie R.
    Brewster, NY

" Glide is one of the best lubricants on the market. I love that it’s environmentally safe! I’ve used     
   it on my son’s new baseball mitt! It softened & conditioned the leather and broke it in perfectly."
   Mary M.

" Used Glide to waterproof my camping equipment, Works great on stuck zippers! "
   Robert S.
   Acworth, GA

" I keep a bottle in my car! I’m a realtor and have had more problems with door locks than you 
  can imagine.With Glide,I don’t have to worry about keys/locks and focus on my clients instead."
   Sandy A.
   Valhalla, NY

" I’m a mechanic and can’t say enough about Glide. It can loosen almost everything! "
   Mark C.
   Yonkers, NY

" My fishing and hunting gear look like new, because I use Glide on them after every use."
   Steve M.
   Sioux Falls, SD

Sewing Machines
Boats and Jet Skis
Baseball Mitts
   Motorcycles and Snowmobiles
Keys and Locks
Fishing & Hunting Gear
     Bicycle Chains
" I have used Glide on a stuck pump in my fish pond. After letting Glide sit for a day I         
  plugged it and now it works great! Every start of the new season I will lubricate my      
  pump with Glide from now on."
   Ben F.
   Long Island, NY

Glide has been chosen as a Semi Finalist in the 
Good Housekeeping and HSN Seal Contest! 
Glide will be on                  with Kevin Harrington from shark tank!